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We are weak but He is strong

How can I express the loss of a child that was never really “mine”? We announced that we had been matched in July, and, for a lack of better words, were over the moon for this little boy due November 20. ¬†Every day, there were new little boy clothes, Swaddle blankets and crib sheets in… Continue reading We are weak but He is strong

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Hey Bidder, Bidder, Bidder

I am gearing up for the auction and I’m beginning to think I may just keep everything donated.  Each and every item is so dear to me! Alas, I want the smell of baby lotion and sounds of baby coos more! I wanted to take a couple of minutes to explain how the auction will… Continue reading Hey Bidder, Bidder, Bidder

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Auction and Working 9 to 5, but sometimes only til 2

Good morning lovies!!! It’s another beautiful day here in South Louisiana, and after all of the flooding that is happening east of me, I’m so glad to see it. The past month, I have been all over the place.¬† I’ve been a construction worker, designer, hand stamper, babysitter, procurement agent (yeah momma, I used a… Continue reading Auction and Working 9 to 5, but sometimes only til 2

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Momma never said there’d be days like THIS

I have been alive for ….. 39 years.  That is hard to say, but I have earned it, so I will wear that number proudly.  20 of those years, I have been a mom.  8 of THOSE years, I have struggled with infertility.  That isn’t something that you just bring up in conversation. Being infertile… Continue reading Momma never said there’d be days like THIS

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Thanks for “birthing” me mom!

39 years ago, this beautiful lady gave birth to a 5 pound baby girl….butt first, so every year, I give her a “thank you for giving birth to me” present.  What I really mean by that is, “I apologize for what I have done to you”. My momma is a saint y’all.  Like seriously, I… Continue reading Thanks for “birthing” me mom!