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It’s been a week since I have moved into the shedquarters and the excitement still has not worn off.  Sadly,  I’m still without a real computer, so I’m blogging from my phone, so pardon my lackluster typing skills.

The nice people over at Tuff Shed contacted me to do an interview about the process, and for those of you that know me personally, you know that a phone interview came with a small panic attack and a few hives, but I made it through.  They were extremely kind and, if you would like to read their article, you can find it here.  Daddy told me “thank you for making me famous.”  I think he’s been dressing up a little more lately just in case I need a picture of him for “my little stories”.


i probably should have moved my vacuum before that picture. but hey, maybe Shark will be calling me for an interview next.


In celebration of my move to the backyard, I’m having a contest over on Instagram. I’m giving away two bracelets. One pea and one carrot. Each one includes a hand cast pewter pebble stamped with, either you and your BFF’s name, or peas and carrots. These are also available in necklaces on my website.


If you aren’t following me on IG, please click over and be my friend :). I rely on these things to keep my self esteem at at least a luke warm level.

If you would like an extra entry, reblog this post and make sure to leave me a comment here on the original letting me know that you did so.


Kerry and I are still trying to get as many eyeballs possible to see our adoption profile, so I created an adoptomist profile.  The link for our profile is here. Any shares of that would be so appreciated. Every time someone shares it, we reach that many more possible expectant moms.


Can’t wait to see all the hashies on IG!!

Thanks y’all!!!!



twitter and Instagram: @tagyouritdotbiz

Angel Adoption Profile👶🏼



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