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Thanks for “birthing” me mom!


39 years ago, this beautiful lady gave birth to a 5 pound baby girl….butt first, so every year, I give her a “thank you for giving birth to me” present.  What I really mean by that is, “I apologize for what I have done to you”.

My momma is a saint y’all.  Like seriously, I truly believe that the Catholic Church will canonize her one day.  If not for putting up with my daddy for 47 years, or making the best shrimp stew ever, it will be for giving her whole life to us.  Saint Linda, the patron saint of patience. Move over St. Monica, there’s a new old lady in town.

My mom was a stay at home mom.  I never witnessed her take a nap, and any time she was sitting, there was something in her hands.  Sometimes it was potatoes getting peeled, sometimes it was clothes that she was sewing (she made a lot of my clothes – which I did NOT appreciate in the time of Girbaud jeans and Unit belts), and other times, she was folding clothes while watching Judge Wapner.  If she wasn’t at home cleaning or cooking, she was volunteering at our schools or at church.  All of our teachers knew her and she was a chaperone on every one of my school field trips.  I knew that it hurt her when she was “shamed” by other women because she didn’t have a “real” job, because the job she had never stopped, and she never got so much as a “thank you”.

Mom never had the chance to say “I had a rough day at work, let’s get take out.” Or, “I’m going to go lay down because I had  a busy day.”  Her work was 24/7, and she NEVER complained about it.  There was no paycheck at the end of the week, and we all acted like animals, but at the end of the day, she never failed to tuck each one of us in.

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She was, and still is, predictable.  When I call, she’s there.  When the world is dragging me down, she knows what to say.  I came to her as an 18 year old college freshman and told her that I was 6 months pregnant with her first grandchild.  After saying a rosary and shedding lots of tears, she immediately:

  1. Made me an appointment with high risk pregnancy doctor
  2. Got me in to talk to the priest
  3. Brought me to Babies r Us to prepare.

I felt her disappointment. I saw her embarrassment, and I saw she and my daddy age 20 years in 2 days.  They worried about how I was going to finish college. They worried that the baby, who had been without any prenatal care, would be born with birth defects.  This is not the life that they had in mind for me.  I was that little baby that came into the world ass first, too shy to even call the fire department when my brother caught Daddy’s shop on fire. I had only ever made snowballs and baby sat for money, and only 4 months of a college education.  How would I make it?  She loved me through it though.  Taught me everything I needed to know about babies and stocked his nursery in floor to ceiling Winnie the Pooh in 3 months.

There has only been one other mother in the history of time that has been so selfless and loving, and I think that Linda Anne would be stiff competition.


I am a daddy’s girl, but my momma is one of my best friends.  So, that brings me back to this special tradition that we have, that I think would be great for more people to do for their mom’s!  Imagine, every year, when your momma tells you “Happy Birthday”, you tell her, “Thank you for giving birth to me”.  And BAM, just like that, you are promoted to favorite!

In years past, I have given her wooden crosses (she is a cross and nativity junkie), blouses, slippers, and of course, jewelry.  This year, I was a week late, but I created this bracelet with her in mind.  It is a replica of a silverware handle that has been hand cast right here in the United States.  I stamped it with “mom”, but it can be stamped with your choice of words/letters, as long as they fit.  I also think a big script initial would be gawgeous.




Adoption update (or lack thereof)

We should be hearing from our agency this week, about any expectant moms that have viewed our profile.  My heart is so ready to love this child that we don’t know.  Even if you do not know us, please, if you are reading this, share our profile on facebook.  Pin us on Pinterest.  Tweet us on Twitter!  We just need that “one” to see us.  Hope you all have a blessed day, and don’t forget to hug your momma!!

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