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Auction and Working 9 to 5, but sometimes only til 2

Good morning lovies!!!

It’s another beautiful day here in South Louisiana, and after all of the flooding that is happening east of me, I’m so glad to see it.
The past month, I have been all over the place.  I’ve been a construction worker, designer, hand stamper, babysitter, procurement agent (yeah momma, I used a big word), and I have even started painting again.  My brain has so many ideas and not enough hours in the day, or night, to process them all.

My etsy business has slowed down lately, so it’s given me time to get more creative.  Here are just a couple of orders that I’ve sent out.  Some of them are bartering pieces from a facebook site called “The Handmade Hundred”.  I LOVE to barter, because I think it is a win-win for both parties… as long as both of you want something the other has.  So I posted there asking for anyone that made baby items, that would enjoy trading for jewelry.  I got several responses and our little RoosterClaire is going to be all set!!!

This momma wanted something for both of her kids
Camera bag keychain
My custom stamp of the Fraser Crest
Fine Silver JEEP necklaces
One dear to my heart :)I LOVE those little feet!


 Hot Saucy

I used to paint a lot.  It was rarely for fun, and usually just a way to try to make a little extra money when things were tight.  I taught myself (not very well I admit), but I have learned that people find beauty in so many different types of art… even if you shade the wrong sides or the fleur de lis’ are wonky.  Hand made means imperfect…. and that is why I love it!!

The Bear, me and our middle son decided Saturday to take a ride to the “Vintage Market” that was being held about an hour from the house.  It was creative overload for me and it got my juices flowing!


There was all of this old, beautiful stuff (including one of my best friends Nikki and her/my Nana.  wink).  I wanted to touch every single thing and twirl in a circle like Julie Andrews in “The sound of music”… but that may have gotten us kicked out.  There were old ladders, light fixtures made from fans, cow hide rugs, windows, signs, and COTTON STEMS!!!  Sigh, it was marvelous.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That night, I came home and pulled out my old painting supplies.  Most of the paints themselves had long since dried up… but the ones I needed were good to go.

Tabasco is made here in Louisiana, and it is like a mascot of South Louisiana.  I have often seen the bright red bottles in paintings and wanted to give a try myself.  I managed to knock out 4 of them in the next day and sold 2 to a few friends.  The others and this roofing slate went into my booth at my favorite antique store, 4 Sisters & Etc.



Beggers CAN sometimes be choosers

That brings me to my most recent endeavor – procurement agent….. really, I’ve just been sending emails and messages begging for things.  Bear and I are going to have an auction on Instagram to raise money for adoption expenses, so I have been on a mission to get the best of the best donations I can.  I have a longer list of companies and people that have said “not now” than those who have said “heck yeah”, but I am so completely and totally in awe of the generosity that I have received.  Here is a list of what has been donated so far.  I will have another blog post before the auction, that will include pictures and info, so that all of you will be able to get a sneak peak before the rest of the world.

  1. Photo session from Chesney Photography
  2. One month of lessons + uniform from Central Karate
  3. Item from Maymebelle’s Closet
  4. Photo session From Kelly Feese Photography
  5. Etched copper cuff from Jewelry Designs by MiMi
  6. Hair products from Shear Image Salon
  7. Baby Wrap from Solly Baby
  8. Hand Stamped piece from I’ll Be Charmed
  9. Hand Stamped piece from I’ll Be Charmed
  10. Two Tickets and meet and greet to show of winner’s choice for Marc Broussard
  11. Crawfish eatin’ shirt from Hey Penelope
  12. Gift Certificate from Owlet Baby Monitors
  13. Silver Wax seal Outlander necklace from Tag Your “It”
  14. Gift Set from Simply Natural Lotions
  15. St. Francis statue from Good Charm Vintage
  16. Barn Door Hardware from The Barn Door Hardware Store
  17. One of a kind jewelry from SeaShore Charm
  18. Original painting by PARTy at Your Place artist Courtney Yoes
  19. Autographed Lorrie Morgan CD
  20. 6 month Premium membership for Skillshare
  21. Pampered Chef items from Karen Rainey
  22. Autographed Cookbook from Chef John Folse
  23. Autographed Cookbook from Chef John Folse
  24. Autographed Cookbook from Chef John Folse
  25. Keep Collective bracelet from Tandra Dillon
  26. Autographed book(s) from Prescott Lane
  27. Large,limited edition canvas giclee print from BigEZArtist Jon Guillaume
  28. Custom Logo Design from Fresh Lavender
  29. Autographed Outlander Kitchen Cookbook
  30. His & Hers robe/towel hooks from Aldar Lane
  31. Random hand stamped and painted items from Tag Your “It”
  32. Printable monthly Calender from Jessica Marie Design 
  33. Purina Beyond gift set from The Turner’s
  34. $30 Gift Certificate from Shop Aria
  35. Wildtree Gift set from Young at Heart
  36. 12 month custom planner from Plum Paper
  37. Bracelet from The Pleasant Parcel
  38. Crocheted Baseball hat, shoes, ball and bat from MawMaw Lee
  39. T shirt from “The Mag” Magnolia Cafe’
  40. Gift from Captain With a Hook
  41. Handmade Quilt from MawMaw Linda
  42. Gift Certificates to Motherhood from Auntie Charmaine
  43. Steel Rated Alphabet font set and tool design stamps from The Urban Beader
  44. Gift Certificate from LaLaBu
  45. 2 sets of Hand Painted Wine Glasses and 1 set of drinking glasses from Auntie Helen Newton
  46. Younique makeup from Auntie Donna Barbier
  47. Hand Painted Cross from Auntie Donna Barbier
  48. Hip Hugger Briefs from Icon
  49. Disney cruise gift set from Pixie Dusted Stitches
  50. Gift Certificate for 30 minute session to Medissage in Zachary
  51. Original illustration from Shelby Goyer!
  52. Sack of live crawfish from Tucker’s Seafood
  53. $100 Gift Card to Ruffino’s/TJ Ribs/Tio Javis from Melissa Moran
  54. Original illustrations from Janice Pearson
  55. 5 Stamp sets and glitter stylus/pen from Mommy Lhey
  56. Meet and greet/ meal with Graham McTavish from Novel Adventures
  57. Autographed Football and 8×10 photo of retired Atlanta Falcon Todd McClure
  58. HandPainted fleur de lis wine glasses from Auntie Denise
  59. 30 minute photo session from Terri Lynn Photography. 
  60. $20 gift certificate from Babble Threads
  61. $25 Tupperware gift certificate from Eva Pollastrini
  62. #RoosterClaire tote and other goodies from the Turners
  63. Outfit from Sammy & Nat 
  64. Fabric and wood Cross from Diva Art
  65. $50 in Smoothie King Certificates from Smoothie King Essen Lane
  66. “Joanna Gaines is my Spirit Animal” mug from Swallow’s Grace
  67. $50 Gift Certificate to Pewter Stamping Blanks from Danny & Michelle Castro
  68. Burlap Door Hanger from NurseJeanneG
  69. do-Terra Essential oil kit from Carlin Wolfe
  70. Urban Botanicals gift set from Urban Botanicals
  71. Tag Your “it” Tabasco painting
  72. $50 Avon gift certificate from Monica Davis.
  73. $100 Cabbas Grill gift certificate from Cabbas Grill
  74. $50 Cafe Phonecia gift certificate from Cafe Phonecia Central.
  75. Basket of LuLaRoe Leggings from Jennifer Fridgen.
  76. Bear and Frog Crocheted hats from MawMaw Lee and PawPaw Mike
  77. Zebra, Owl, and strawberry crocheted hats from Maw Maw Lee and Paw Paw Mike
  78. Custom Quilt from Lehr’d with Love
  79. Melissa & Doug Snacks and Sweets Food Cart from Swing Along Kids
  80. “Drinks on the Beach” candle from Rustic Honeycomb
  81. 14kt Gold Jade ring from Richard and Robin Campbell
  82. Pendant from Richard and Robin Campbell
  83. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Gift Set From Dr. Brown’s Baby
  84. Aaron Tippin assorted Autographed memorabilia from Aaron Tippin
  85. Aaron Tippin assorted Autographed memorabilia from Aaron Tippin
  86. Aaron Tippin assorted Autographed memorabilia from Aaron Tippin
  87. Handmade Eyelet Bonnets from Maw Maw Linda

How lucky am I to have so many amazing people in my life?!  I have my fingers crossed that I will be adding more soon, but seriously, look at that list.  Do me a favor and go “like” their pages.  You won’t regret a single one, I promise.
If you maybe know of someone that would like to donate something to our auction, I would be so forever grateful!!!! Just have them email me at The IG page for the auction is


FOLLOW IT! REPOST IT! SHARE IT!! It is going to be amazaballs!!!!


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