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Hey Bidder, Bidder, Bidder

I am gearing up for the auction and I’m beginning to think I may just keep everything donated.  Each and every item is so dear to me!
Alas, I want the smell of baby lotion and sounds of baby coos more!

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to explain how the auction will work. Please forgive me if you are familiar with Instagram.  I will be over simplifying for those who are not as familiar…cough…. mom… Ashley… First things first… there are rules. 🙂  These will also be posted under each listing, and I will have this picture posted also.

rulesYou will be able to find all of the listings by searching @AuctionForRooster using the magnifying glass in the app. It will bring you to the auction profile.  You’ll just see a bunch of photos there, so you will need to click the photo of the item you would like to bid on.  This is how each listing will look once posted:

image 1

This is the donation from @MaymebellesCloset (thank you Andrea!).  I will have the donors IG name, facebook page, or etsy shop written on each listing so that you can see exactly who you need to shop with, in case you don’t “win” the item.  It would be amazing if you would follow them or give them a “like” for being so generous to us!
Ok, so back to instructions.  After clicking the photo, and getting to what will look like the above photo, scroll down just a bit and you will see, who the was donated by, the retail price and the starting bid, the description of the item, and the rules…like this:

image 2

Notice the heart bubble, the comment bubble, and the arrow.  The heart just means that – YOU LOVE IT… which I do not doubt that you will love everything!  You can either double tap the picture, or press the heart to show that you like the photo.  The arrow is for if you would like to “share” the photo/listing with someone.  The comment bubble (circled for your attention) is the tool that you will use to bid.  Click the comment bubble and you will be prompted to type.  This is where you will type in your email address and how much you would like to bid.

image 3

If you are the first to bid, that is all you need to do.  If someone has bid before you, you must “tag” them by typing the @ sign and whatever screen name they have bid under.  For example, to outbid auctionforrooster (in the above photo), you would type @auctionforrooster .  This will send a notification to the previous bidder that they have been outbid, so that they have a chance to bid again.  The next photo shows @tagyouritdotbiz “outbidding” @auctionforrooster.  Notice, #1 is pointing to the “tag” of the previous bidder, #2 is the email address of the person doing the “outbidding” and #3 is the bid that they are using.

image 4

If the auction were to end with the above, I would shoot an email to and notify them the final cost and the link to pay.  We are asking that all payments go through our “adopttogether” account as donations.  This way, we will be able to pay our agency directly and lose less on fees than going through PayPal or GoFundMe. There is also the possibility, because adopttogether is a 501c3, that your donation may be tax deductible!
Once the “donation” is made, I will contact the person who donated the item, and have them contact you at the same email address to arrange shipping.

I know this sounds like a really difficult process, but I can assure you that, once you actually do it, it is very simple.  If you have ANY questions about the process, you can always email me or message me on IG.

I will begin uploading all of the listings somewhere near April 18.  I don’t want to upload them too early and have people bidding early.  If someone does happen to bid early, I will have to delete the bid.  Bidding will Start

APRIL 29 at NOON cst

As of right now, Bidding will end at 6pm on May 1st.

In the meantime, go on over to the auction page and browse through all of the lovely donors.  These people have so generously donated to help us fund this crazy ride and all of it’s pit stops.  We are truly graced with great friends, family and complete strangers that are praying for us every day.
God Bless y’all, and HAPPY BIDDING!!!



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